Freshers’ Week

Remember your first week freshman year? That’s alright, neither do I. There is so much to do, so many people stealing a piece of your attention, so many new things to see that it all becomes a blur. Now take whatever your freshman orientation week was like and multiply that by about 100 – I give you Freshers’ Weeks at University of Edinburgh. For ten straight days, at any given moment there are at least 5 different things you could be doing, from city tours to society events to parties to gigs to actually doing your three weeks of laundry (guess what I finally did!).You can’t even consider doing it all, and if you don’t plan it right, you’ll miss all the good stuff! Thank god I’m not actually a freshman, or I’d probably be lying on my bed in a comatose state.

But for real, Freshers’ Week is fun after fun after fun. You couldn’t have a bad time if you tried. I moved in to my permanent flat on Hermit’s Croft (so great, right?) last Saturday, and every day since has been a rush of events and new people (a surprising number of them American). I’ve been to pub crawls, live music events, a traditional Scottish dance, the Edinburgh Zoo, a comedy show, a scavenger hunt, a murder mystery, and some other random society (or club, as we say in Amurrica) events. And all of it has been amazing.


Today in particular, Danielle, LaMarcus, and I went on a scavenger hunt around Edinburgh hosted by a student-run children’s charity. WE WON. Yessss. Winning never felt so sweet. The best part – we have photo evidence of it all! I particularly liked when we convinced three Italian guys, who didn’t have the best English, to make a human pyramid with us in the middle of Princes Street gardens. Or when we fit five people (including two randos) into a red telephone booth. Or when I had to capture LaMarcus spitting at the foot of a statue on the Royal Mile, a long Midlothian tradition. Overall, bundles of fun, and we even got a workout (running frantically to get back in time) to boot!



Tonight, I went to a murder mystery oooooo. And like the scavenger hunt, such an experience. To my delight, I was given a character who was in fact a French spy trying to infiltrate and bring down the English elite (bring down the man!). On top of that, my fiancee was being impersonated by a member of the Scotland Yard, from whom I had to hide my true identity while still pretending to be actually engaged to him, with my true fiancee in the room. Such a great game! In the end, I did not achieve my spy-ly goals, but I did end up with my true fiancee, who I actually did love. Awwwww.

On a trip to the Edinburgh Zoo, I got to hold a bearded dragon, felt a ethereal connection as I watched the monkeys watch me, and got adorabled-out when I saw their panda. Her name is Tian Tian (heaven in chinese, but twice!) and, of course, she was sleeping. But still so cute and fluffy.

Otherwise, I got addicted to gambling at the James-Bond-themed Welcome Party, attended a traditional Scottish ceilidh (pronouced “kaley” [inorite wtf] which is a Scottish folk dance – so much fun), went to a couple amazing live shows where I may have found my new favorite band, tried to differentiate teas at a tea tasting event, ate a traditional Scottish pastie, and generally tried a lot of new things! It’s been a rush – and I’m definitely on my last legs with all these events (I’m an elderly third-year, ok?), but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. With my classes sorted, I just have to wait for them to start!


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