Haggis, Neeps, and What??

Freshers’ Week has wound down. And the rousing Big Ceilidh on Friday night was the highlight of my weekend. So. Much. Fun! I don’t even know how to describe it. You’re whipped, twirled, and danced around for hours to the liveliest Scottish music you can think of – and it gets faster as time goes on! In my fav dance of the night, we were in groups of 8 (four couples) with the couples across from each other doing the same moves at the same time. My partner of the night, a bright young Scottish fresher, knew all the dances and carried me through this one very well. And I mean literally carried. At the end of each round, he had to pick me up and twirl me round and round for 16 beats. And he did it every time! Very impressive. I felt like such a lady!


And if you’re wondering, they DO wear kilts. Not all of them, but a significant number of Scottish boys were sporting their manly kilts. My (new) friend Cara and I had to know – do they were anything underneath?? We were talking to one fresher who informed us, so matter-of-fact, that if it’s cold, you do. But if it’s not cold… all bets are off! (He told us it was indeed cold. Boring.) But walking home later, we saw a trio of quite sturdy young Scots, sporting kilts. Upon running up and asking if it is cold, they told me “No! Of course not!” Upon further pressing, they confirmed that it wasn’t cold, so they (of course, don’t offend me!) weren’t wearing any pants. So let the rumors be put to rest – a real Scot wears nothing under his kilt!

Here’s a few beautiful men in kilts, just to remind you.


After sleeping in until noon (don’t judge me – I was recovering from a ceilidh for god’s sakes!), cooking my first real meal here (stir fry my life away), and missing the Freshers’ Ball because we were too lazy to go on time, I have finally made it through Freshers’ Week and lived to tell the tale. (*applause* thank you, thank you)


Tonight, a group of us international students were feeling brave and decided to try some authentic Scottish cuisine (you know what that means). Yup. Haggis. After choosing the Last Drop pub on Cowgate – solely because it’s name refers to the hangings that used to happen right outside – we saw haggis, neeps, and tatties on the menu. And you can’t say no to that. And wait for it…. it was actually pretty good! Tatties are just potatoes (always good), neeps are turnips, and haggis is… does anyone really want to know? All together they’re the perfect combination! The haggis is a bit spicy, which is a nice touch, although sometime you do get those little pieces that are a little hard and you wonder… Nevermind! I ate it. I liked it. I don’t have to eat it again anytime soon! (Right?)


Classes being tomorrow – 10am sharp wooo – and I am actually quite excited. My schedule is full of Linguistics, and I cannot think of any better reason to live. I just have to figure out where they all are… Wish me luck!

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