Weather? What weather?

While walking home from class the other day in the rain, with my woolen scarf wrapped tightly around my neck, my rain boots sloshing in the puddles, I though about how different this is than Pomona. In Claremont, at the slightest hint of a rain drop, every one starts running around in circles, unsure how to handle this new development. In Edinburgh, it’s as if the rain isn’t even there. Gusts of wind up to 40 mph – was that a breeze I felt? As I get blown into the street, fearing for my life while the seemingly soulless drivers bare down on me as if I am not a valuable human life (or a hefty jail sentence), everyone else walks merrily along, somehow without their hair blowing into a veritable tornado and blocking all hopes of sight (as I have seen, but not experienced – this short hair business is a godsend). Weather is just ignored here – even though people can’t help talking constantly about how bad it is. But honestly, there have been some really nice days so far.

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Haggis, Neeps, and What??

Freshers’ Week has wound down. And the rousing Big Ceilidh on Friday night was the highlight of my weekend. So. Much. Fun! I don’t even know how to describe it. You’re whipped, twirled, and danced around for hours to the liveliest Scottish music you can think of – and it gets faster as time goes on! In my fav dance of the night, we were in groups of 8 (four couples) with the couples across from each other doing the same moves at the same time. My partner of the night, a bright young Scottish fresher, knew all the dances and carried me through this one very well. And I mean literally carried. At the end of each round, he had to pick me up and twirl me round and round for 16 beats. And he did it every time! Very impressive. I felt like such a lady!


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Freshers’ Week

Remember your first week freshman year? That’s alright, neither do I. There is so much to do, so many people stealing a piece of your attention, so many new things to see that it all becomes a blur. Now take whatever your freshman orientation week was like and multiply that by about 100 – I give you Freshers’ Weeks at University of Edinburgh. For ten straight days, at any given moment there are at least 5 different things you could be doing, from city tours to society events to parties to gigs to actually doing your three weeks of laundry (guess what I finally did!).You can’t even consider doing it all, and if you don’t plan it right, you’ll miss all the good stuff! Thank god I’m not actually a freshman, or I’d probably be lying on my bed in a comatose state.

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A Week in the Wynd

This week has not been the quite the intensive sightseeing march the previous 10 days have been. This has left more time for wanderings and for essentially exploring the city in which I will be spending the next 3 and half months! Although I’m still spending most of my time with the Pomona group, and I haven’t yet moved into my flat with other Scottish or international students, I am starting to feel more a part of the bustle of the city. Rather than looking at a map at every street corner, I’m developing a sense of the city: where the streets go, which names they inexplicably change to at each block (a word they apparently don’t have here), and even some shortcuts between university buildings. I haven’t ventured to the store for food yet (an undertaking I may attempt tomorrow. . . or Saturday. . .), but when I walk around the city, I feel more comfortable and at home everday. I might even fit in! (a little bit).

View over the city (and a garden project) at sunset

View over the city (and a garden project) at sunset

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Ford the Firth of Forth to Fife

The beautiful beach

As the title indicates, today Tom took us to Fife! Fife is the area just north across the firth of the river Forth (I know, who thought of these name?) from Edinburgh. It was so gorgeous – the classic British coastal towns you see in pictures. First, we stopped on our drive to look out across the Forth at the two bridges that cross it. One is a rail bridge built in the 1800s that even now is an engineering feat. It’s also quite beautiful!

The rail bridge across the firth of the Forth     The Fife Coastal Path

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A Hike to Remember

Today our group got together and made the trek to the top of Arthur’s Seat. It was only about a 30 min walk, but pretty steep! Once we got to the top, the view of the city and the sea was gorgeous. The wind was pretty strong though… It was like a hurricane! Classic Scotland.

We hiked back down, stopping by some ruins on the way, and then made our way to the Royal Botanic Garden, a couple miles to the north. It took a while to get there, but the gardens were beautiful. The even had a section from the Americas, and we saw some little Sequoia trees. I came all the way from California to Scotland to see some California trees!

On the way back, Danielle, LaMarcus, and I decided to take the bus. We stared at the list of lines at the stop for a while, looked for familiar names, and chose the one we thought might get us close. We chose wisely! We got on, ran up to the second level, and plopped down right in the front with the big windows. The view from the bus is so different! It was really fun to be able to watch from so high, and from the actual street! I’m still not sure how I feel about this left side of the road thing.

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Touring the city

Day 2: We began with Tom giving us a tour of the university buildings. For some reason, I cannot seem to get my barrings in this town – so for the duration of the tour, I was unfailingly lost. Even though Tom gave us a wonderful overview, I’ll probably never be able to find these buildings again!

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Edinburgh at last

Yes, I’m really here. Finally. The purpose of this blog has arrived. The waiting is over!

My dad and I flew out of Amsterdam the day before yesterday into Edinburgh. The view while we were landing was gorgeous! So much green. SO MUCH. We landed and got my luggage (which I didn’t lose!) and made our way to where I’ll be staying for the next week and a half – Pollock Halls.

On the taxi drive over, we had this nice Scottish guy. About 5 minutes into the taxi ride, his phone rang and he started talking to what was clearly a friend. All of sudden, I couldn’t understand a single word he was saying. After being in Amsterdam, I first had the thought that maybe he’s speaking Dutch! But realizing that was quite unlikely, I had to resign myself to the fact he was indeed speaking English. I just couldn’t understand a word he was saying. So the stories are true! I’m trying not to think about it…. My official plan when this happens again (and they’re talking to me) is to just nod along. Good, right?

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The Churches of Delft

Today was our last day in the Netherlands. We decided to take a trip out of city to a little town near the Hague called Delft, home of Delft china. It was an adorable little town! A lot like the canal belt of Amsterdam but smaller and less busy. But of course there were still bikes! So many bikes by the train tracks… and even some pretty run down ones! (not sure if that one was actually for riding or not haha)

I heard that in the Netherlands, when they buy pot they call it getting “coffee”. I found this hard to believe, since coffee seems like such a common thing to want to buy. But sure enough – it’s true! You’d see a coffee shop, but when you walked by and looked it, it wasn’t any normal coffee shop. Pretty funny. I got a pic of one with a sign that had what looked like joints in the name. Classic.

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Another Sunny Day

Miraculously, I woke up this morning to blue skies (apparently a rare sight here). This was a good omen for the day.

Since it was so nice, we rented bikes and pedaled off around the city. First stop: the Van Gogh museum. Of course, no pictures (meh), but it was amazing (you can take my word for it). They went through van Gogh’s life and his painting progression, which was actually kind of depressing.. Someone just needed to slap that guy around and tell him to snap out of it! Or maybe just give him a hug. Man.

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