(Not so) Wee Paris

Paris in WinterAll good things must come to and end, and because Cara and I had once thought it was the best idea ever to try and visit four cities in 10 days, once Tuesday rolled around, we had to part with beautiful Barcelona. Although I’m not sure I would ever live in Barcelona, the city had so much character and culture – there’s no other place like it on earth. But Paris ain’t too shabby either!

We didn't want to leave!After our flight and a half-hour train into the city, we left the Gare du Nord Station and had no idea where to go. Me writing the directions to the hostel down wrong didn’t help either. But we found it (after some pacing up and down the street), dropped off our stuff, and went out to see Paris! We only had a day and a half, so we were determined to be productive.

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We need to talk, you say? I know I haven’t been around much lately. I’ve been so busy, with work, with ….. What’s that? I know, I know, that’s not a good excuse. You deserve better. You deserve the best. And I want to give you the best. So I’m going to make it up to you. How you ask? WITH PICS FROM EUROPE THAT’S HOW.

View of Barcelona - we'll miss you!

Last Friday, just after turning in a final paper and finishing classes, Cara and I took no heed of the implications of the name “revision” week and flew off to Europe for ten days! We had a bunch of budget airline flights, had booked a bunch of hostels, and printed out a bunch of stuff we could probably need – we had a plan. And it miraculously didn’t go wrong! I’m still crossing my fingers – something will just have to go wrong later in my life to make up for our success.

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