A Little Bit of Real Life (Ugh.)

Fall in the Meadows

Reading this blog-of-sorts, you might be under the impression that I’m not studying abroad, that I’ve actually taken the semester off to have fun, meet new people, and see new things. And two days ago, I might have said you’re kinda right. Procrastination has been my best friend this past 6 weeks. Without any assessment or accountability for my work, it gets harder and harder to convince myself to do the work now rather than later, especially when there’s way more fun things calling your name!

Totoro and Finn!  Getting ready to audition for the next James Bond

These fun things might be carving pumpkins, seeing the new James Bond movie (Scotland has a cameo, just saying), or celebrating Halloween in Edinburgh style (clubs man, clubs). And no matter how much I have to do, I’m always going to choose fun, even if there’s just the tiniest amount of time for work left over afterwards. And that’s just what I did this week. You might say, “Lindsey, you’ve known about this paper for over a month.” And I’d say, “You’re right.” But does that ever mean anything? On my death bed, I’ll have known I was going to die for 115 years (exactly), but will that matter?? No (just let me be dramatic). Long story short, I had to experience actual assessed school work the hard way in Edinburgh: by cramming it all into a 24-hour delirious period. But I will say, I turned the paper in on time! It’s not even that much of a disgrace.

Enough of this dreary work talk. Back to the fun! I’ve stayed in Edinburgh the past couple weeks, catching up on some much-needed sleep and preparing for one of the big-deal holidays around here: Halloween. Let me preface this by saying that Halloween is big in Edinburgh compared to the rest of the world, although maybe not compared to the US. Some of my international friends haven’t even celebrated Halloween before. I know. Deprived children. But don’t worry – there were some major parties lined up, of course falling in the middle of the week. But this being Scotland, that phased no one.

After slaving for all of an afternoon (instead of working on my essay), I was proud to wear my handmade Princess Mononoke costume, which of course no one got. I think there was a total of three people who recognized me. But they made it worth it! After getting thrown out of a club on Tuesday with Cara right before she WON the costume contest as BMO from Adventure Time (details not important), we were determined to get the full Halloween experience the next night at the Teviot House of Horrors. And we did. Highlight: the silent disco. Never before have I known such awkward joy.

I apologize for all the horrible reading I’ve just forced you to do. I’ll make it up to you one day. (In song?)

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