High on the Highlands

This past Saturday, I took a trip with my study abroad group to visit the Southern Highlands, specifically the towns of Comrie and Killin. The weather was absolutely perfect (a rare thing here!). For such a short drive (about 1.5 hours), the scenery change was┬ádramatic. Instead of the bustle of Edinburgh and the green rolling hills, we began to see smaller towns, more open expanses and farms, and brownish hills that were apparently covered in heather, a purple flowering plant that is now losing those purple petals. Now, there aren’t the same kinds of mountains that you see in the Sierra Nevadas, say. We didn’t drive by towering, snow-capped peaks that look like that rose from the Earth just yesterday. The mountains in Scotland are older (wiser you might say), a little rounded at the corners, but still so beautiful!

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