Weather? What weather?

While walking home from class the other day in the rain, with my woolen scarf wrapped tightly around my neck, my rain boots sloshing in the puddles, I though about how different this is than Pomona. In Claremont, at the slightest hint of a rain drop, every one starts running around in circles, unsure how to handle this new development. In Edinburgh, it’s as if the rain isn’t even there. Gusts of wind up to 40 mph – was that a breeze I felt? As I get blown into the street, fearing for my life while the seemingly soulless drivers bare down on me as if I am not a valuable human life (or a hefty jail sentence), everyone else walks merrily along, somehow without their hair blowing into a veritable tornado and blocking all hopes of sight (as I have seen, but not experienced – this short hair business is a godsend). Weather is just ignored here – even though people can’t help talking constantly about how bad it is. But honestly, there have been some really nice days so far.

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