A Hike to Remember

Today our group got together and made the trek to the top of Arthur’s Seat. It was only about a 30 min walk, but pretty steep! Once we got to the top, the view of the city and the sea was gorgeous. The wind was pretty strong though… It was like a hurricane! Classic Scotland.

We hiked back down, stopping by some ruins on the way, and then made our way to the Royal Botanic Garden, a couple miles to the north. It took a while to get there, but the gardens were beautiful. The even had a section from the Americas, and we saw some little Sequoia trees. I came all the way from California to Scotland to see some California trees!

On the way back, Danielle, LaMarcus, and I decided to take the bus. We stared at the list of lines at the stop for a while, looked for familiar names, and chose the one we thought might get us close. We chose wisely! We got on, ran up to the second level, and plopped down right in the front with the big windows. The view from the bus is so different! It was really fun to be able to watch from so high, and from the actual street! I’m still not sure how I feel about this left side of the road thing.

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