Edinburgh at last

Yes, I’m really here. Finally. The purpose of this blog has arrived. The waiting is over!

My dad and I flew out of Amsterdam the day before yesterday into Edinburgh. The view while we were landing was gorgeous! So much green. SO MUCH. We landed and got my luggage (which I didn’t lose!) and made our way to where I’ll be staying for the next week and a half – Pollock Halls.

On the taxi drive over, we had this nice Scottish guy. About 5 minutes into the taxi ride, his phone rang and he started talking to what was clearly a friend. All of sudden, I couldn’t understand a single word he was saying. After being in Amsterdam, I first had the thought that maybe he’s speaking Dutch! But realizing that was quite unlikely, I had to resign myself to the fact he was indeed speaking English. I just couldn’t understand a word he was saying. So the stories are true! I’m trying not to think about it…. My official plan when this happens again (and they’re talking to me) is to just nod along. Good, right?


After settling in, we decided to walk towards the city center to check it out. Like clockwork, five minutes after we left the building, the skies open up and it starting pouring. Hard. Harder than I’ve seen it rain in a long time. We ducked into a doorway and stood there for about fifteen minutes wondering what to do. It even started hailing! We got a “warm” welcome to Edinburgh (and never made it to the city center)!

At 6pm, we met with our program director, Tom Barron. He is so so nice and helpful. He seems to genuinely care about how we’re getting on. He had dinner with us in the dining hall and gave us an overview of the next week or so. Then he took us over to the bar and bought us all (on Pomona’s dime!) our first drinks in the UK. I feel so mature!

So my first day in this new country was a success!

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