The Churches of Delft

Today was our last day in the Netherlands. We decided to take a trip out of city to a little town near the Hague called Delft, home of Delft china. It was an adorable little town! A lot like the canal belt of Amsterdam but smaller and less busy. But of course there were still bikes! So many bikes by the train tracks… and even some pretty run down ones! (not sure if that one was actually for riding or not haha)

I heard that in the Netherlands, when they buy pot they call it getting “coffee”. I found this hard to believe, since coffee seems like such a common thing to want to buy. But sure enough – it’s true! You’d see a coffee shop, but when you walked by and looked it, it wasn’t any normal coffee shop. Pretty funny. I got a pic of one with a sign that had what looked like joints in the name. Classic.


The buildings in Delft were even older than Amsterdam! We visited a couple churches (how can you not visit churches in Europe?) in Delft. One, fittingly called the Old Church, was established in 1050. Almost 1000 years ago. My god. I can even comprehend that amount of time. I just can’t. The best part was the tower – it was leaning over! I guess the church was built on a filled-in canal so the soil wasn’t solid enough for the weight of the tower. During construction, it already was starting to lean, so they tried to compensate by placing bricks at a diagonal to try and make it upright again (really solving the problem there….). But it’s still up! And very cool.


For lunch we went to this adorable little cafe – and I had a authentic Dutch pancake! It had apple and bacon it and, and I ate it with butter and powdered sugar. So good. It’s like savory and dessert at once – in a normal meal! My kind of food.

We also visited the other large church – of course, the New Church. It has a huge steeple, which we got to climb up! Up up up, over 400 stairs and 275 feet! The staircase was this tiny spiral affair, probably only two feet wide on each side, straight up. That was an impressive feat in itself. When we got to the top, we walked out on this little parapet, also probably about two feet wide, with a little railing. The view was amazing!



On the hour long train ride back, watching the countryside was breathtaking. Looking at the Dutch countryside is like looking at a giant, real-life impressionist painting. The serene fields, the bright blue clouded skies, the groups of trees, and the sheep milling by. It’s so peaceful! I can see why the many artists were so inspired by the Dutch marshes and fields. I’m going to miss it.

But no reason to cry – I’m off to Edinburgh, Scotland for my semester abroad!

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