The Churches of Delft

Today was our last day in the Netherlands. We decided to take a trip out of city to a little town near the Hague called Delft, home of Delft china. It was an adorable little town! A lot like the canal belt of Amsterdam but smaller and less busy. But of course there were still bikes! So many bikes by the train tracks… and even some pretty run down ones! (not sure if that one was actually for riding or not haha)

I heard that in the Netherlands, when they buy pot they call it getting “coffee”. I found this hard to believe, since coffee seems like such a common thing to want to buy. But sure enough – it’s true! You’d see a coffee shop, but when you walked by and looked it, it wasn’t any normal coffee shop. Pretty funny. I got a pic of one with a sign that had what looked like joints in the name. Classic.

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