A little rain never hurt anyone

The River Amstel

After two gorgeous days, the rain began. As we walked downstairs for breakfast at the hotel, the started POURING. And I mean some serious rain. I was beginning to worry if we would ever make it outside! But, as Amsterdam weather is, it was sunny about 3 minutes later. Typical.

The glorious glass-bottled water

In restaurants, I often ask for water. I expect some glass of unknown origin, as you see in California. Probably from the tap, but who cares, it’s water!. Here, it comes in these curious glass bottles, almost all of them the Spa brand. And of course. they always ask: “sparking or still?” (so European). This I don’t understand. It just seems like a waste to have glass bottles every time you serve water. Do they have to recycle all of these bottles? Or are they reused? But I will say, it does taste pretty good.

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Bike at your own risk

Today was another beautiful one. A woman approached us at the Maritime Museum asking us to take an online survey for the museum. She eventually asked us where we were from, and when we replied “Santa Cruz, California”, she followed with a “Why Amsterdam? The weather….”, trailing off. They seem to think it’s so bad, but I really don’t mind getting sprinkled on during dinner or having to put my raincoat on at the zoo. If anything, the nights are warm enough to sit outside at 9pm, which is saying something when you look at California. But maybe I’m just convinced everyday here is like the last two 🙂

Ready for cycling!

Waiting with the bikes

We decided to live the real Dutch life today and rented bicycles! Considering my last post mentioning how aggressive the bikers are, this probably wasn’t the most suited activity for me. But, I’ll have you know, I was only honked angrily at once today. Yes, I’m very proud of myself.

We first biked down to Centraal-Station for something called an iamsterdam city pass (classic tourist, I know). It’s one of those passes that gets you into millions of museums for free and gives you free stuff and discounts (yay!). After biking around for a while, getting lost, stumbling upon some HUGE cruise ships, and finding a rouge swing, we finally made it to the maritime museum.

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