After a 10-hour flight (actually not so bad) and a 9 hour time change (a whole different story), I have arrived in Amsterdam with my father for 6 days of frolicking and acting like disgusting tourists.

Now let me complain about jet lag. Arriving at our hotel at around 11am, I was already exhausted, given my short 3-4 hours of sleep on the plane plus the whiny Dutch boy behind me that wouldn’t let me put my seat back all the way (bitch). I’ve made it 10 hr since then and the amount I feel like dying has increased exponentially. This is not ok. How do people do this??

On to actually interesting things. We ate lunch at a cute cafe in Rembrantsplein while I attempted (and generally failed) to regain cognitive control. We even wandered around for half an hour trying to find somewhere to buy this city card business, but we failed miserably. Typical Americans, amirite?

So Amsterdam is a pretty tight city. Classic Europe, tight streets, no parking, all that. So there are lots of bikes. And I mean LOTS. They have their own parking garages.

And so, crossing the street is dangerous sport. They sure don’t stop, and they don’t even think about slowing down. Some blare on their horns in defense of their almost running into you. You gotta respect that.

Another thing I’ve noticed about the bikes – since almost everyone bikes, you see just about every type of person on a bike. My favorite are the high-heeled women. So awkward, so uncomfortable (I assume?). But you know, they gotta bring the style.

I mean, everyone here is fairly in style, in shape, and… well… beautiful. It makes us American look bad.

For dinner, we ate at another cafe that was actually quite delish. Had some sort of black-colored spaghetti. And it was spicy. With clams and mussels. Not really spaghetti at that point, but amazing all the same!


Black spaghetti!

Row of classic Dutch buildings

Day 1: complete! Tomorrow we plan to actualy go visit some museums or something. So.. yeah!

View from the bridge

3 thoughts on “Amster-dayum

  1. Megan sent me your blog. Lindsey you are too cute. I have been traveling alot over the years and it still does not get any better. Unless you Megan or Darien those two never get jet lag. Sounds like you and your dad are having a great time. Looking forwar to your next post. Take care!!

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